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About NDC

With a production capacity of nearly 29 Million Tons, Nucor is the largest steel and steel products company in the United States. Nucor Corporation knows that to remain on top you have to be innovative and focus on continual improvement.  Since February 2009, a group of Nucor's talented teammates have been working from the custom-built Nucor Detailing Center (NDC) in Norfolk, Nebraska.  Not only are there many great minds in one place, the work environment is specifically designed to shorten drafting/modeling times, improve quality, and maximize productivity.  The success of this environment is emphasized by the continued growth of Nucor product lines utilizing the Detailing Center for their drafting/modeling needs.  Along with the continued addition of product lines the number of teammates at the detailing center has increased by more than ten times its initial group of twelve teammates.  The 50,000 square foot facility is designed to accommodate up to 250 teammates, and with 37 acres there is plenty of room to expand, which is important as our need to hire Drafter/Modelers continues to increase dramatically each year.

Doing things right the first time is something Nucor excels at.  This is evident in the way NDC sets up a team of four Drafter/Modelers in a pod, which is an area of work stations with open space in between to encourage collaboration.  These areas also feature multiple windows and lots of natural light.  This work environment has played an integral role in the successful growth of the facility by allowing us to utilize the experience of existing teammates to help mentor and continue a new teammates training in the real time work environment.

The Detailing Center workplace environment is so impressive that it is a valuable education and recruiting tool.  The building details were specifically designed to showcase Nucor and Vulcraft/Verco products.  Students from local colleges and high schools frequent the location on a regular basis to further comprehend real world Drafting/Modeling, and learn from the experienced professionals within the center.

Because of our one of a kind work environment the teammates are able to utilize a flex work schedule and enjoy the comfort of casual work attire. Each teammate is responsible for their work load and schedule, while always knowing their fellow teammates are willing and capable to help when ever necessary.