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Vulcraft Joist & Deck

Vulcraft is an engineered products group of Nucor Corporation and is the leading producer of steel joists and decking in the United States.  Our plants can produce more than 700,000 tons of joist and joist girders and 530,000 tons of steel deck from manufacturing facilities that span seven states, that include South Carolina, Nebraska, Alabama, Texas, Indiana, Utah and New York.


Verco, a Nucor company, offers a complete range of roof and floor deck profiles with various methods of attachment that will satisfy any project requirements. 


Ecospan floor systems are a variation of standard Vulcraft joist and deck jobs. The Ecospan system specializes in multi-level residential projects with an emphasis on interaction with the design of the layouts to accommodate slab penetrations such as toilets, showers, bath tubs, and mechanical chases. The joists on Ecospan projects are composite joists, they are designed to interact with the slab allowing shallower joists and longer spans which is ideal for multi-story buildings that are required to remain under a certain height.

Fisher & Ludlow

Fisher & Ludlow is a supplier of high quality grating for major capital projects around the world.  Special equipment and manufacturing techniques are employed to ensure that maximum strength and durability are built into every steel and aluminum grating.  Products are used in all environments across the world in everything from mining and drilling operations to shopping malls.

Nucor Buildings Group

Nucor Buildings Group is one of North Americas largest and most experienced manufacturers of metal building systems.  The five brands of the Nucor Building Group, American Buildings Company, CBC Steel Buildings, Gulf States Manufacturers, Kirby Building Systems, and Nucor Building Systems are uniquely positioned to efficiently service companies throughour North America.  As a leader in innovation, Nucor Buildings Group works continuously to develop products that are some of the most versatile, energy-efficient and cost-effective building solutions on the market.